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Optimizing Laser Settings

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TherMark's patented laser bonding technology offers a unique solution for creating permanent, high contrast, high resolution marks on a wide variety of surfaces, including most metals, ceramic, glass and many plastics. These materials have been individually scientifically formulated for the best permanent chemical bonds possible.

TherMark materials are easy to use: simply apply them to the surface to be marked, put the coated part under a laser, laser mark the pattern you wish applied and then remove the excess material. For more specifics on how to use TherMark laser marking materials, click here.

TherMark Benefits


  • Chemically resistant to solvents, acids and bases
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Will withstand temperatures above 1800F
  • Withstands prolonged UV and moisture exposure

High Resolution

  • Easily create barcodes, logos and fine text

High Contrast

  • Black marks improve contrast for improved machine readability
  • Maintains substrate integrity
  • Bonds to the product surface with minimal thermal energy
  • Can be successfully applied to plated materials without penetrating the surface


  • Laser process facilitates variable data such as barcodes, serialization and personalization
  • Ability to mark metal with an inexpensive CO2 laser


  • A variety of colors can be applied to glass and ceramics

Why use TherMark materials?

If you are currently using labels or printing technologies to mark parts, TherMark laser marking materials will allow you, instead, to make permanent marks at the same level of resolution and contrast you are used to.

If you are currently using direct laser marking, TherMark laser marking materials will allow you to mark an even wider range of metals than you can mark directly (including chromed and anodized surfaces) without damaging the substrate. Our marks can be more permanent than some direct marks, higher contrast, and viewable from a wider angle.

If you are currently engraving or engraving/filling, TherMark laser marking materials will improve the contrast, and resolution of your marks and allow you to mark machine readable codes.

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